28 Sep 2010

Soldier accused of randomly killing Afghan civilians

8:16 pm on 28 September 2010

One of five United States soldiers accused of murdering and mutilating three unarmed Afghan civilians has appeared before a military tribunal in the US.

Corporal Jeremy Morlock has confessed to being involved in a plot to randomly kill Afghan people for sport while on patrol in Kandahar province.

Prosecutors allege that members of the platoon also collected fingers and other body parts from their victims as trophies.

Corporal Morlock's lawyer, Michael Waddington, says the 22-year-old was suffering from brain damage at the time of the killings and was coerced into doing them by his platoon commander, Calvin Gibbs.

Mr Waddington says Sgt Gibbs may have also murdered civilians on a previous tour of duty in Iraq.