2 Oct 2010

Musharraf apologises to Pakistan

10:25 pm on 2 October 2010

Former Pakistan military ruler Pervez Musharraf has apologised for "negative" actions he took while in power, as he launched a new political party in London.

Mr Musharraf announced the All Pakistan Muslim League at a club in Whitehall and apologised for some of his actions while in power.

"I ... sincerely apologise to the whole nation for the negative repercussions," he said.

The BBC reports he said he had learned his lessons and vowed not to repeat them.

Mr Musharraf said he wanted a party of national salvation that would "galvanise all Pakistanis regardless of religion, caste or creed".

He added: "It is time to unfurl a Muslim league umbrella for all - this umbrella for all shall be the All Pakistan Muslim League."

Mr Musharraf also said: "I will go back to Pakistan before the next election whatever the dangers."

The former army chief, who now lives in London, said he was launching the party in London because he risked assassination if he returned to Pakistan. He has survived a number of plots in the past.

Last month, Mr Musharraf told the BBC he would be standing for a seat in the 2013 parliamentary elections. From there, he said, he hoped to become either prime minister or president.