14 Oct 2010

Corby accused of faking mental illness

7:46 pm on 14 October 2010

The governor of Bali's Kerobokan prison has provided a harsh report on Schapelle Corby, accusing her of faking mental illness.

The Australian former beauty therapy student has served five years of a 20-year sentence in prison for smuggling marijuana into Bali.

Her lawyer says the 33-year-old is mentally ill and must be released.

A Supreme Court judge has advised the Indonesian president to grant a substantial cut to Corby's sentence but his officials have asked for advice about her record, the ABC reports.

The governor of the jail has provided a 17-page report to his superiors.

While it includes records showing Corby has been prescribed anti-depressants and anti-psychotic medication, the governor's report accuses her of faking mental illness.

He also lists 19 incidents of disobedience and deviant behaviour and says Corby has undermined the prison's rehabilitation programme.