25 Oct 2010

Iraqi parliament ordered to reconvene

7:32 am on 25 October 2010

The Supreme Court in Iraq has ordered the new parliament to reconvene, saying an earlier decision to suspend itself indefinitely was unconstitutional.

Since the general election on 7 March, the Iraqi parliament has met only once, for 20 minutes when its members were sworn in.


They then decided to delay the formal return of parliament to give political leaders time to negotiate alliances.

The elections saw a bloc led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi emerge with a slender advantage. Neither he nor current PM Nouri Maliki has since formed a coalition and Iraq is still in a political deadlock.

In a judgement issued on Sunday, the Supreme Court said it had decided to cancel the decision to delay parliament's return, and to require a parliamentary speaker to call on lawmakers to convene parliament and resume work.

However, the BBC reports parliament will not elect a speaker and other officers until the final composition of a government is decided upon.