31 Oct 2010

Shark grabbed by the tail during attack on woman

7:06 am on 31 October 2010

A man who intervened during a shark attack off the coast of West Australia is being hailed as a hero.

Witnesses say he grabbed the three-metre shark by its tail.

The ABC reports Elyse Frankcom, 20, was conducting an underwater tour on Saturday on the east side of Garden Island, about 50km south of Perth, when she was bitten on the left buttock by the shark.

She is in a stable condition in Royal Perth Hospital.

Her boss Terry Howson, from Rockingham Wild Encounters, says other people in the water acted quickly to help her.

"One of the guys in there has actually grabbed the shark in there and actually pulled it off her," he said.

"There was also a fantastic effort by [another person] on the boat who was a medic."

Mr Howson said the shark came out of nowhere.