1 Nov 2010

Suicide bomb in Istanbul

3:58 pm on 1 November 2010

A suicide bomb has been set off in the centre of Istanbul in Turkey, wounding at least 32 people, including 15 policemen.

Police say the bomber tried to board a police bus at 10.30am (local time) on Sunday.

Seventeen civilians were also hurt. Other bombs were identified nearby.

The explosion took place next to an independence monument in Taksim Square.

Squads of riot police are usually posted at this part of the square because it is often the site of demonstrations.

Police chief Huseyin Capkin said the only fatality was the bomber, who blew himself up before reaching his intended target.

No group has said it carried out the attack, but the BBC reports that a two-month-old ceasefire by Kurdish rebels was due to expire later in the day.