3 Nov 2010

IATA cautions against overreaction to bomb plot

1:16 pm on 3 November 2010

The international air transport association, IATA, has warned against the risks of governments overreacting to last week's bomb plot.

A number of European countries have already tightened security, the BBC reports, but IATA boss Giovanni Bisignani has told an aviation security conference in Germany that "effective solutions are not developed unilaterally or in haste".

Another IATA spokesperson has cautioned against "knee-jerk reactions" that could harm the air industry.

IATA is keen that security regulators around the world work together, but in a measured way.

"We are much more secure than we were in 2000, but there is room for improvement," Mr Bisignani said.

"Over the next days, weeks and months, as governments learn more about the threat, we must continue to work together to implement appropriate solutions."

Scanning, e-freight technology urged

Iata is calling for a targeted response to the bombs, which were found in cargo originating in Yemen and addressed to synagogues in the US.

Technology is no replacement for intelligence, according to Mr Bisignani, but more efforts need to be made, he says, to speed up the development of technology to scan large pallets and items.

IATA is also calling for more countries to introduce electronic documentation of freight, known as e-freight. Thirty-one have adopted the system so far.