6 Nov 2010

Protests at nuclear waste train

9:01 am on 6 November 2010

Anti-nuclear protestors have chained themselves to train tracks in France, blocking a nuclear waste delivery billed by opponents as the most radioactive in history.

The train, which environmental lobby groups say is carrying waste with twice the radioactivity of the Chernobyl disaster, is headed to Gorleben in Germany.

The waste was initially created in Germany in the generation of electricity and treated at a plant in France by the company Areva.

Four protestors were chained to tracks a few hundred metres from Caen station in north-western France.

Of the 14 carriages on the train, 11 hold waste and three are carrying riot police.

A spokesperson for nuclear giant Areva dismissed safety concerns saying the containers would survive a train hitting them at full speed, and said the cargo was not as radioactive as the last load of waste the company shipped back to Germany.