25 Mar 2009

Britain revises anti-terrorism plan

10:52 am on 25 March 2009

The British government has outlined details of a revised strategy to counter international terrorism - the strategy's first change in six years.

The government believes al Qaeda is likely to fragment, but its ideology, and the factors that sustain terrorism, will remain.

The plan will seek to improve communication abroad, particularly in Pakistan, while in Britain more effort will be made to stop people with radical views from turning to terrorism.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith says Britons must challenge those who seek to undermine their core values.

Police raids

Meanwhile, police in Britain have seized more than $US50 million in cash after a raid on safe-deposit boxes in London.

The money was among criminal assets, mostly jewellery, which was uncovered along with guns, drugs and dozens of illegal passports.

About 7,000 private deposit-boxes were targeted in the raids, almost half of which have yet to be searched.