11 Apr 2009

Japan renews sanctions on North Korea

11:05 am on 11 April 2009

Japan has renewed unilateral economic sanctions against North Korea for another year over its rocket launch on Sunday.

While stopping short of banning exports, Japan has also tightened money flows, lowering a cap on remittances there.

Japan's own sanctions against North Korea, in place since 2006, were due to expire on Monday.

The BBC reports a cabinet meeting early on Friday decided to extend them for another year.

North Korea says Sunday's launch put a satellite in orbit but Japan and others say it was a cover for a missile test.

The Taepodong-2 rocket crashed into the sea in a flight of about 3200km. The missile is designed to carry a warhead as far as Alaska.

North Korea is also under UN sanctions after a nuclear test was held in 2006.