14 Apr 2009

North Korea quits 'useless' talks, goes nuclear again

9:24 pm on 14 April 2009

North Korea is to restart nuclear weapons production. Some analysts say it could be producing plutonium for weapons within three months.

The move follows Pyongyang's unilateral announcement that it's no longer bound by an international nuclear disarmament deal and that six-country nuclear talks have become "useless".

In protest at a UN statement condemning its rocket launch earlier this month - which it claims was for peaceful purposes - it said it planned to restart a plant that makes arms-grade plutonium.

Russia says North Korea should adhere to Security Council resolution 1718 and return to the negotiating table in the interests of denuclearising the Korean peninsula.

But a North Korean foreign ministry statement says the country "sternly rejects" the Security Council's action.

It says there is no need for the nuclear disarmament talks any more and it will not be bound by any agreement reached at the talks.