19 Dec 2010

UK govt refuses inquiry into incident during Emergency

8:01 am on 19 December 2010

The British government has again refused to investigate the killing of 24 men, shot dead by British troops during the Malaya Emergency more than 60 years ago.

The rubber plantation workers were suspected of helping Communist insurgents and were killed by Scots Guards in the village of Batang Kali on 12 December, 1948.

They claimed the men were trying to escape, but the BBC reports that survivors of the massacre and some of the soldiers themselves, said they were killed in cold blood.

The Emergency lasted 12 years. Attempts to hold inquiries in 1970 and in the 1990s were rejected.

The BBC reports the families are determined to persist with their challenge to the British government in court and plan to bring a petition to the Queen.

They want an inquiry and an apology.