22 Apr 2009

UN has no say over Fiji elections - govt minister

9:00 am on 22 April 2009

Fiji's Permanent Secretary for Information says the United Nations will not be able to push the country into holding elections before 2014.

The Security Council has described the deteriorating political situation in Fiji as a step backwards and urged a prompt return to democracy.

There is also a call for United Nations mediators to be sent to the country, with a view to speeding up the process.

But Major Neumi Leweni says the government will not be swayed or diverted from its plans for reform before polling takes place.

The military took power in December 2006. It was the fourth coup there since 1978.

Fiji's constitution was abrogated by the President after the Court of Appeal ruled on 9 April that the interim regime was illegal.

Court files

High Court Registrar Ana Rokomokoti denies accusations that court documents relating to the interim government have been shredded.

She says court proceedings named in the decree - including any challenges to decisions made by the Prime Minister, President or Ministers since December 2006 - have been discontinued so those files have been archived.

She says there is no intention to destroy any court documents.