21 Dec 2010

Planes and trains cancelled across Europe

7:55 am on 21 December 2010

Thousands of flights and train services are cancelled across Europe on Monday because of snow and ice, leaving many travellers stranded.

Few flights were leaving Heathrow in London and one third of flights were cancelled in Paris and Frankfurt.

Departures from Brussels airport were to be cancelled until Wednesday due to a lack of de-icing liquid.

Roads in a number of countries are described as treacherous.

The BBC reports Britain France and Germany are among the worst-hit areas. Freezing weather is expected all week.

There are severe delays on the Eurostar rail service between Britain and France and Belgium.

Eurostar is turning passengers away in London and urging travellers to cancel or postpone their trips if possible.

Trains between France and Belgium were also affected as speed restrictions hit rail travel in England and northern France.

In Paris, heavy goods vehicles are barred from major routes.

A concert by Lady Gaga at Bercy stadium in Paris was called off on Sunday night because a convoy of lorries carrying tour equipment could not get there.