26 Dec 2010

Lynchings in Haiti

11:52 am on 26 December 2010

Voodoo priests in Haiti are being lynched by mobs who blame them for spreading cholera.

At least 45 people have been lynched in recent weeks as Haiti continues to be ravaged by a cholera epidemic.

Communications minister Marie-Laurence Lassegue has issued an appeal for the lynchings to end and called for a campaign to ensure people understand how cholera spreads.

The BBC reports more than 2500 Haitians have died from the disease since October.

Another 121,000 people have been treated for symptoms of cholera, with at least 63,500 admitted to hospital.

Poor sanitary conditions in much of Haiti have contributed to the rapid spread of cholera.

Haiti was devastated by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake in January 2010, which killed at least 250,000 people.