27 Apr 2009

Lawyer defends reappointment as Fiji's Solicitor-General

6:24 am on 27 April 2009

A New Zealand lawyer who decided to accept reappointment as Fiji's Solicitor- General has defended his decision.

Christopher Pryde says he regards himself as a public servant and he wants to continue helping Fiji.

The Law Society in New Zealand has said it would be untenable for a New Zealand lawyer to take up the position after the President abroagated the constitution on 10 April.

But Mr Pryde says he felt it was the right thing to do.

He says his court work as Solicitor-General has been suspended for at least a month and some of the cases he was handling before won't go ahead.

Courts were closed and the judiciary was sacked after the Constitution was abrogated by the president on Good Friday and the interim government introduced a range of special decrees.