6 Jan 2011

Guard tells of frantic efforts to save Jackson

7:03 pm on 6 January 2011

A bodyguard who worked for Michael Jackson has given details of the frantic efforts to revive the singer after an overdose of sedatives.

Prosecutors say Conrad Murray's negligence in treating Jackson for insomnia led to his death on 25 June 2009.

Dr Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter, arguing that he did not cause the 50-year-old's death.

On Wednesday, security guard Alberto Alvarez gave evidence at the second day of a hearing in Los Angeles to determine whether Dr Murray should stand trial, the BBC reports.

Mr Alvarez was tearful as he described how he rushed into the bedroom and froze at the sight of an unconscious Jackson lying with his mouth and eyes open.

The court was told the bodyguard saw Dr Murray grab a handful of small bottles and an intravenous bag. Mr Alvarez said the cardiologist told him to put the items in a sack before calling an ambulance.

Mr Alvarez said as he and Dr Murray tried to resuscitate Jackson, the singer's children came in. His daughter Paris screamed "Daddy" and started to cry. Mr Alvarez then led him out of the room.

Earlier, another bodyguard testified that Dr Murray seemed panicked and asked whether anyone knew resuscitation techniques.