27 Jan 2011

Swan Hill now the next flood town

9:54 pm on 27 January 2011

State Emergency Services in Victoria are keeping a close eye on communities around Swan Hill in the north west of the state as the flood threat continues.

The SES says the floodwaters are moving at a rate of one 1km-2km per day, reaching major flood levels on Friday or Saturday.

The SES is warns residents there to brace themselves.

Police have also asked sightseers to stay away from flood-prone areas because they could become trapped if conditions deteriorate unexpectedly.

A contingent of 90 army personnel and two Sea Hawk helicopters are helping defend the town.

Earlier, police confirmed that parts of Benjeroop were under water including the public hall.

Concerns are also held for Lake Boga, Murrabit and Pental island.

The state is experiencing its worst floods since records began 130 years ago.