4 Feb 2011

Egyptians demand Mubarak resign immediately

11:38 pm on 4 February 2011

Thousands of Egyptians are out in force again in Cairo where anti-government protesters are gathering for another huge rally, demanding the immediate resignation of President Hosni Mubarak.

The protests entered their 11th day on Friday, with the United States now working to convince Mr Mubarak to begin handing over power.

A senior US official has told The New York Times that Washington is discussing different scenarios with Egyptians, including one that sees the immediate resignation of Mr Mubarak, who has been leader for 30 years.

The proposal reported by the newspaper would see Egyptian Vice-President Omar Suleiman lead a transitional government through to elections supported by senior military figures.

Opposition forces, including the banned Muslim Brotherhood, would play an active role in the constitutional reform process.

On Thursday a spokesperson for the White House confirmed that a variety of options were being discussed with Egyptian officials, but the BBC reports there is nothing to indicate the proposal has traction where it matters - with Mr Suleiman and the army.

Earlier, Mr Mubarak said he wanted to step down, but feared chaos if he did.