22 May 2009

Death penalty ordered over slaying of singer

5:52 am on 22 May 2009

An Egyptian business tycoon and politician has been sentenced to death for the murder of a Lebanese pop singer.

Hisham Talaat Mustafa was found guilty of paying a hitman $2 million to kill singer Suzanne Tamim after she broke off a relationship with him.

A as serving in the upper house of the Egyptian parliament, Mustafa, 50, was stripped of his parliamentary immunity so he could face trial

Muhsen el-Sukkari, who was accused of carrying out the killing, was also condemned to death.

He was reported to have tricked the singer into opening the door of her apartment in Dubai by posing as a representative of the building's owners. He then stabbed her with a knife.

The BBC reports the gory tale of sex, money and show business has captivated the Arab world.

Tamim, 30, rose to fame after winning the top prize in a television show in 1996.