22 May 2009

Senator trying to buy more time for Chrysler dealers

9:48 am on 22 May 2009

A Senator in the United States is trying to find a way to give Chrysler car dealers more time to unload their inventories before they have to close.

Almost 800 dealers have had their franchises terminated under Chrysler's bankruptcy proceedings.

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (Republican, Texas) is negotiating an amendment aimed at giving them more time to wind down their operations beyond the deadline of 9 June.

An amendment she filed on Thursday would prevent the Treasury Department from aiding any car company that has not provided at least 60 days to dealerships to halt their operations and sell their inventories.

Senator Hutchison is trying to attach her amendment to a bill to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. No such provision was included in a measure that passed the House of Representatives last week.