7 Jun 2009

Brazil finds bodies from Air France crash

8:13 am on 7 June 2009

Two bodies from an Air France jetliner have been found in the Atlantic Ocean.

Colonel Jorge Amaral of the Brazilian air force said they were taken from the water at 8.14am Brazilian time (1114 GMT) on Saturday.

The bodies were those of two males. A seat with a serial number that matched the missing flight, a rucksack, and a case with an Air France ticket inside have also been recovered.

No further details were issued.

The Airbus A330 jet went missing over the Atlantic on 1 June en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris with 228 people on board.

Air searches been concentrating on a section of the Atlantic about 1,100km northeast of Brazil.

Investigators earlier said the plane transmitted 24 automatic error messages in its final moments as its systems, including the autopilot, shut down.

France's air accident investigation agency said it was impossible to tell from the signals whether the crew had shut off the autopilot or whether it cut out.

Director Paul-Louis Arslanian confirmed the missing jet had a problem calculating its speed.