11 Jun 2009

Jetstar plane makes emergency landing

2:33 pm on 11 June 2009

A cockpit fire forced a Jetstar passenger plane travelling between Japan and Australia's Gold Coast to make an emergency landing in Guam early on Thursday morning.

The plane was an Airbus A330-200, the same kind of jet that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean last week, killing 228 people.

Jetstar chief executive Bruce Buchanan says the pilots noticed smoke in the cockpit nearly four hours into the flight. The small fire was contained to the cockpit and extinguished shortly afterwards.

There were 203 people, including crew, on board the flight. No one was hurt.

Mr Buchanan says it is too early to speculate whether there is any connection between the Jetstar incident and the crash of an Air France jet into the Atlantic Ocean last week.

He says Jetstar will be working closely with the plane's manufacturer to work out whether there is any risk to other Airbus jets of the same make.

Mr Buchanan says engineers are inspecting the two-year-old aircraft.