22 Jun 2009

First victims of Air France disaster identified

7:23 pm on 22 June 2009

Officials in Brazil have identified the first 11 of 50 bodies recovered from the Air France disaster in which 228 people died three weeks ago.

They said the bodies were those of 10 Brazilians, five male and five female, and one male foreigner.

The Airbus A330 plunged into the Atlantic on 1 June. The plane's data recorders have not been found and the cause of the crash remains a mystery.

Search teams from several countries continue to scan the search area.

Investigators are reviewing the bodies and debris at a base set up in the northern Brazilian city of Recife.

Speculation about what caused the plane to go down between Rio de Janeiro and Paris has so far focused on the possibility that the airspeed sensors, known as pitot tubes, were not working, the BBC reports.

The plane is known to have registered inconsistent speed readings just before it crashed in turbulent weather.