10 Apr 2011

More clashes in Yemen

2:49 pm on 10 April 2011

Clashes between government protesters and security forces have continued in the city of Taiz in Yemen.

Witnesses said police opened fire on a funeral procession for demonstrators killed last week.

At least three people were killed and dozens wounded.

Anti-government protests also took place in the port city of Aden and in Hudaida.

On Thursday, Qatar's Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassem Al Thani said the Gulf Co-operation Council hoped "to reach a deal with the Yemeni president to step down".

In return, he and his family would be granted immunity from prosecution.

However, at a rally in Sanaa, President Salah rejected the offer, which he described as 'blatant interfence' in Yemen's affairs.

More than 120 people have been killed since Yemenis inspired by popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, began calling for the removal of President Ali Abdullah Saleh after 32 years in power.