10 Apr 2011

Death of US film director

2:03 pm on 10 April 2011

US film director Sidney Lumet has died of lymphoma at his home in Manhattan. He was aged 86.

The BBC reports Lumet rose to prominence with the low-budget jury drama 12 Angry Men in 1957.

Other major films included Fail-Safe (1964), Serpico (1973), Dog Day Afternoon (1975), Network (1976), The Pawnbroker, The Verdict (1982) and Murder on the Orient Express.

In total, he directed more than 40 films, many of which were shot in New York.

Lumet continued to direct well into his 80s. His films were nominated for more than 50 Oscars.

He received an honorary Academy Award for lifetime achievement in 2005.

Lumet served as an Army radar technician in World War II, then worked as a stage actor in New York before directing live TV dramas during the 1950s. He was married four times.