19 Apr 2011

Qantas raises fares again

5:55 pm on 19 April 2011

Qantas has announced its fifth round of airfare increases this year as it attempts to recoup losses from higher jet fuel prices.

The Australian airline says fuel surcharges to Britain and Europe will rise from $A190 to $A290.

Domestic, regional and Tasman fares will increase by 5% from 28 April and a fuel surcharge will be added to domestic and Tasman frequent flyer redemption seats, the ABC reports.

The company says its fuel bill will be $A300 million higher in the second half of the year than it was in the first half.

Qantas says its fuel bill for the second-half of the year will be about $A2 billion - a $A300 million increase on the first-half fuel costs.

The airline says jet fuel is at its highest price in three years, surging from $US88 a barrel in September last year to more than $US136 a barrel at present.

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce says it will be some time before the surcharges are cut.