24 Apr 2011

Opposition wants tougher action against protests

9:40 am on 24 April 2011

Opposition politicians in Australia want police to immediately force the protestors at Sydney's Villawood detention centre from their rooftop perch.

Three protesters remained on a roof at the immigration detention centre on Saturday evening, after riots earlier in the week which saw nine buildings destroyed by fire, the ABC reports.

One protestor voluntarily came down from the roof during the day and was receiving medical treatment.

Federal Opposition Immigration spokesman Scott Morrison says there should be police intervention and the Government must take a stronger stance.

"There should be no special rules for people breaking the law in detention centres, as opposed to those outside detention centres," he said.

Twenty-two of the protesters have been taken to Sydney's Silverwater jail for questioning but no charges have yet been laid.

The protest began on Wednesday, and developed into a full-scale riot.