7 May 2011

Al-Qaeda confirms bin Laden's death

1:49 pm on 7 May 2011

A statement attributed to al-Qaeda has confirmed the death of its leader Osama bin Laden and warned of retaliation.

The statement, posted on several Islamist websites, said his death would be a curse for the United States and that the group would continue to attack the US and its allies.

It also calls on the people of Pakistan to rise up in revolt, the BBC reports.

Osama bin Laden was shot dead on Sunday in a covert operation by United States forces inside Pakistan.

According to the online statement, al-Qaeda plans to release an audio message recorded by Osama bin Laden a week before his death.

On Friday, about 1500 Pakistani Islamists demonstrated near the southwest city of Quetta against the killing of the al-Qaeda leader, saying more figures like him would arise to wage holy war against the United States.

Dozens marched through the streets of Abbottabad, where the house in which Osama bin Laden was killed is located, calling on the US to stay out of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Small demonstrations were also held in the cities of Multan, Hyderabad and Abbottabad.