14 Jul 2009

Two shot dead in China's Xinjiang province

9:49 am on 14 July 2009

Police in the northwestern Chinese region of Xinjiang have shot dead two people in renewed unrest, state media reported on Monday.

At least 184 people died in riots in the region last week.

The official Xinhua news agency police shot two Uighur people in in the regional capital Urumqi.

The agency said police were trying to prevent three men attacking another Uighur.

Of the official death toll from the 5 July riots, 137 were Han Chinese, who form the majority of China's population, and 46 were Uighur, a Muslim people native to Xinjiang and culturally tied to Central Asia and Turkey.

Uighurs attacked Han Chinese in Urumqi that day after police tried to break up a protest against fatal attacks on Uighur workers at a factory in south China. Han Chinese in Urumqi launched revenge attacks later in the week.