22 May 2011

Higher vote for opposition party

4:05 pm on 22 May 2011

The final results have been announced in local elections in South Africa and the main opposition party has increased its share of the votes since the last poll.

Support for the Democratic Alliance rose from 16.9% to 23.9%.

The African National Congress had 62% of the votes, down from 64% in 2006. It controls seven of the eight metropolitan areas.

The Democratic Alliance increased its support based in the Western Cape, retaining Cape Town, a city it has ruled since 2006.

The BBC reports voter turnout on Wednesday was 57.6% - the highest ever recorded in local elections.

President Jacob Zuma said the election came down to bread and butter issues.

''The people decided that this election would be about basic services such as water, electricity, housing, sanitation, roads and refuse removal,'' he said.