29 May 2011

Afghan police commander killed

4:38 am on 29 May 2011

A suicide bomber has killed the police commander for northern Afghanistan.

General Mohammad Daud Daud was one of at least seven people killed on Saturday.

NATO said Western and Afghan troops were among the casualties.

General Daud was former military commander of the Northern Alliance, the Afghan forces who fought the Taliban, and a former deputy interior minister for narcotics.

He was in charge of all interior ministry forces in northern Afghanistan

The BBC says the attack is a propaganda victory for the Taliban.

The attack occurred at the compound of Takhar provincial governor Abdul Jabar Taqwa, in Taloqan, while officials were having a meeting. The governor is among the wounded.

The commander of foreign troops in north Afghanistan, General Markus Kneip of Germany, was in the compound at the time but survived the explosion. He was also wounded