29 May 2011

Final US space walk completed

12:18 pm on 29 May 2011

Two astronauts have completed the last space walk in the history of the United States shuttle programme - which goes back 30 years.

Their 7.5 hour work on Friday completed NASA's part in constructing the International Space Station.

It was the 164th space-walk by US astronauts.

The BBC reports the astronauts will return to Earth on Wednesday. It is the Endeavour's last voyage.

One final shuttle mission is scheduled in July to bring supplies to the ISS.

Russia still plans to carry out space-walks at the ISS, adding at least one more chamber to the structure.

Space station crew will continue to make spacewalks for maintenance and repair tasks.

Russia will also ferry astronauts to the ISS, which is now the size of a football field. It can house six full-time residents.