4 Jun 2011

Kidney sold by boy to buy iPad

12:39 pm on 4 June 2011

A teenager in China has sold one of his kidneys in order to buy the latest iPad.

The high school student, identified only as Little Zheng, 17, has told a TV station he arranged the sale of the kidney over the internet. The story came to light after his mother became suspicious.

The BBC reports he saw an online advert offering money to organ donors.

Illegal agents organised a trip to the hospital and paid him $US3392 after the operation.

With the cash the student bought an iPad 2 as well as a laptop. Little Zheng confessed when his mother noticed the computers and a deep red scar on his body after the surgery.

The BBC reports the case highlights China's black market in organ trafficking, where a scarcity of organ donors has led to a flourishing trade.

China banned organ trafficking in 2007 and has introduced a voluntary donor scheme to try to combat the trade.