7 Jun 2011

Humala declares victory in Peru election

4:56 am on 7 June 2011

Former army commander Ollanta Humala has declared victory over rival Keiko Fujimori in a presidential election run-off in Peru.

The BBC reports that with 80% of votes counted, the former soldier had 50.7% of the vote - 1.4 percentage points ahead of Ms Fujimori.

In his victory speech, Mr Humala, 48, promised that poor Peruvians would share the country's mineral wealth and benefit from its impressive economic growth.

Ms Fujimori, 36, is the daughter of jailed former president Alberto Fujimori.

The candidates are at opposite ends of the political spectrum - a fact that worried some Peruvians who said they would not vote for either of them, the BBC reports.

Ms Fujimori has said she will admit defeat if the official results confirm her rival's narrow lead and will not ask for a recount.

This was a run-off vote after the first round on 10 April saw three centrist candidates defeated, but left neither Mr Humala nor Ms Fujimori with the 50% of votes needed to win outright.

If the Mr Humala is confirmed as the winner, he will succeed Alan Garcia, who could not stand for a second term.