27 Jul 2009

Warm welcome for Lumley from Gurkhas

11:16 am on 27 July 2009

British actress Joanna Lumley has been mobbed by well-wishers and Gurkha army veterans on her arrival in Nepal.

Ms Lumley, whose father was a Gurkha regiment officer in World War II, has fronted a successful campaign to allow Gurkha veterans who served with the British army to settle in the UK.

Arriving at Kathmandu's international airport on Sunday, she was garlanded with flowers and silk scarves and greeted as a "daughter of Nepal".

Though she has never visited Nepal before, Ms Lumley says it felt like a homecoming.

The Gurkhas have served the British army since 1815. In recent years, they have served in the Falklands, Iraq and Afghanistan.