11 Jun 2011

$10m payout for man shot by police

9:30 am on 11 June 2011

An Australian who was left a quadriplegic after being shot in the neck by the police has been awarded $8 million ($NZ10.3 million) in compensation.

In 2001 Jonathon Crowley suffered a psychotic episode in Canberra and assaulted several people with a bamboo martial arts stick.

When the police could not subdue him with capsicum spray, an officer shot him in the neck. Mr Crowley, now 43, is now a quadriplegic and relies on help from his elderly parents.

In 2008 the family took the matter to the Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court, arguing negligence on the part of the police officer, the federal police and the mental-health authorities.

Last month, just over two years after reserving her decision, Justice Hilary Penfold found the officer negligent along with the other two parties and made the compensation order.