2 Aug 2009

Guilty verdict for man who failed to seek help for sick child

1:46 pm on 2 August 2009

An US jury has found a man guilty of killing his sick daughter by praying for her recovery rather than seeking medical care.

Dale Neumann, 47, told a court in the state of Wisconsin on Thursday that he believed God could heal his daughter, aged 11 years.

The BBC reports she died of a treatable disease - undiagnosed diabetes - as people surrounded her and prayed.

Neumann said he thought his daughter had had flu or a fever, and that he had not realised how ill she was.

The prosecution argued that Neumann minimised his daughter's illness and allowed her to die as a selfish act of faith.

They said the girl should have been taken to hospital because she was unable to walk, talk, eat or drink. Instead, an ambulance was called only when she stopped breathing.

Neumann and his wife, Leilani, who appeared in court earlier this year, were convicted of second-degree reckless homicide. They face up to 25 years in prison.