18 Jun 2011

Greece appoints new finance minister

12:30 pm on 18 June 2011

The Greek government has named a new finance minister, Evangelos Venizelos, to tackle the country's crippling debt.

Mr Venizelos, who previously held the defence portfolio, is a former political adviser of Prime Minister George Papandreou. He replaces George Papaconstantinou, who has been moved to the environment ministry.

The appointment is part of a wider cabinet reshuffle.

The new cabinet will need to persuade parliament to approve the new austerity measures so Greece can qualify for further international help.

Earlier, Mr Papandreou told Parliament he was determined to stay in office to tackle the country's debt crisis, saying his new cabinet would do better.

The French and German leaders are due to meet shortly in Berlin to discuss further assistance aimed at preventing Greece defaulting on its debt.