19 Jun 2011

Labour slumps to historic low in Australian poll

7:30 am on 19 June 2011

As Julia Gillard approaches her first anniversary as Australia's prime minister, a new poll shows support for her government at an historic low.

The Nielsen poll predicts that if an election were held today, after all ballots had been accounted for in Australia's preferential system, the Opposition coalition would win by 18%.

On a two-party preferred basis the coalition now leads Labor 59% to 41%, even more than when Kevin Rudd was overthrown as Labor leader - and prime minister - nearly a year ago.

According to the poll, Labor's primary vote has fallen four points to 27% - the lowest for a major party in Nielsen's 39-year history.

The coalition is up two points to 40% and the Greens up two to 12%.

The poll finds that 60% of Australians prefer Mr Rudd as Labor leader over 31% for Ms Gillard.