19 Jun 2011

Greenpeace leader arrested for scaling oil rig

7:30 am on 19 June 2011

The international director of Greenpeace, Kum Naidoo, has been arrested after scaling an Arctic oil rig

Mr Naidoo was arrested along with another campaigner after boarding the Leiv Eiriksson rig off Greenland demanding a halt to drilling and a copy of the rig's oil spill response plan.

He handed over an appeal carrying 50,000 signatures from supporters around the world, demanding to know how Edinburgh-based Cairn Energy would deal with a BP-style deepwater blowout in the Arctic.

The reference is to last year's explosion on a BP-leased rig in the Gulf of Mexico that killed 11 workers and caused millions of barrels of oil to spill into the sea.

A Dutch court last week issued an injunction barring Greenpeace activists from approaching the drilling vessel. They could be penalised more than $80,000 for failing to comply.