28 Jun 2011

Care workers sacked for 'planking' at work

8:08 pm on 28 June 2011

Seven workers at an aged care centre in New South Wales have been sacked for the craze planking.

The staff at the Illawarra Retirement Trust's centre at Nowra were fired after management became aware of photos of them planking published on social networking site Facebook.

The phenomenon involves people lying plank-like in odd locations and uploading the photos on social networking sites.

The centre staff were pictured planking at the centre on equipment including wheelchairs, patient walkers and a trolley.

Trust chief executive Nieves Murray says the decision was made because the staff breached occupational health and safety standards.

Ms Murray says planking is unsafe, and unacceptable behaviour during work hours.

The practice has faced serious criticism since a Queensland man fell to his death while planking on a balcony in May.