10 Aug 2009

Deadly storms ravage East Asia

8:55 pm on 10 August 2009

Scores of people are missing or dead as two typhoons wreak havoc across huge swathes of East Asia.

In Japan, nine people have been killed and nine are missing in flash floods and landslides, triggered by torrential rain heralding the arrival of Typhoon Etau.

Eight people died in Hyogo prefecture, including one man whose car was swept away by a swollen river, and another died in neighbouring Okayama prefecture. Another 10 people are missing.

The storm is due to hit the Tokyo area on Tuesday.

In China, nearly one million people were evacuated from their homes in coastal regions as Typhoon Morakot blew in.

Rains flooded villages and houses have been flattened by the 120 kilometre an hour winds. A small boy died when a building collapsed, before the typhoon weakened to a tropical storm.

In Taiwan, where the typhoon hit on Sunday, 12 people are confirmed dead. In one incident an entire hotel collapsed into a swollen river and was swept away - after guests and staff had been evacuated.

Typhoon Morakot has also left more than 20 dead in the Philippines.