12 Aug 2009

Hundreds of villagers found after Taiwan mudslides

4:30 pm on 12 August 2009

About 700 people from remote mountains of southern Taiwan feared dead in mudslides have been found alive.

Those found were believed to be buried by mudslides caused by torrential rain which swamped the island in the past few days.

General Hu Jui-chou, an army official involved in the rescue effort, says survivors from four villages made it to higher ground before walls of mud and rock submerged their homes.

Among them are about 200 people from Hsiao Lin, a village in Kaohsiung county that was obliterated by a landslide.

People from the villages of Sanmin, Namahsia and Chinghe were also found safe.

But General Hu said many others are still missing. Rescue work will continue on Wednesday.

The storm also hit mainland China, where six people have been reported killed.

In Japan, Typhoon Etau hit on Monday setting off flash floods and landslides that have killed at least 13 people.