11 Jul 2011

Qantas pilots set to take industrial action

10:23 pm on 11 July 2011

Qantas pilots have voted to take industrial action over what they say is the Australian airline's plan to move international operations overseas.

The pilots are now deciding what action to take within 30 days, the ABC reports.

Long-haul pilots have voted in favour of taking protected industrial action and it is now up to the union's executive to choose from a range of options including work to rule, stopwork meetings and strike action.

Captain Richard Woodward from the Pilots' Association says Qantas management is taking a hard-headed stance.

"I'm hoping they'll change, because otherwise they're going to wear the consequences. We don't want to do this; we haven't wanted to do this for 45 years, so it's an unusual situation for us."

Qantas says it is disappointed by the union's decision. It says the pilots' demands are excessive and unsustainable.

The airline says it is encouraging the union to remain at the negotiating table.