14 Jul 2011

EU fishing reform plans issued

3:33 pm on 14 July 2011

The European Commission has revealed plans to reform the European Union's fishing industry and stop catches being wasted.

The proposal would give fleets quota shares guaranteed for at least 15 years.

The practice of throwing up to half the catch of some fish back into the sea to avoid exceeding quota would be phased out.

However, the Oceana environmental group says stronger measures are needed.

Under the scheme, boats are expected to land all the fish caught, and the whole catch would count against quotas.

This would apply to species including mackerel, herring and tuna from the beginning of 2014.

Cod, hake and sole would follow a year later, with virtually every other commercial species coming under the regulation from 2016.

The plan is due to take effect from 2013, but the BBC reports hard bargaining is expected before it is adopted.

Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki says future generations will be able to see certain types of fish only in picture books if the change is not approved.