25 Jul 2011

100 million euro loans offered to rebels

1:40 pm on 25 July 2011

Germany is offering 100 million euros to support the rebels in Libya.

The Foreign Ministry said on Sunday it would offer the National Transitional Council up to 100 million euros ($US144 million) in loans for civil and humanitarian purposes.

Deutsche Welle Radio reports Berlin has held off supporting the NATO military campaign in Libya, but has tried to support the rebel council in other ways.

''Due to Colonel (Muammar) Gaddafi's war against his own people, the situation in Libya is extremely difficult,'' Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said in a statement.

''The funding is lacking to build necessary structures and to overcome supply shortages - from medical care to food. People are suffering more and more as a result, particularly in eastern Libya.''

Mr Westerwelle said the loans could be paid back with Colonel Gadhafi's frozen assets once the UN Security Council releases them to a new Libyan government.