30 Aug 2009

Seven bodies found at US trailer park

3:05 pm on 30 August 2009

Police in the United States have opened a homicide investigation after discovering the bodies of seven people in a trailer park in Georgia, reportedly shot to death.

A police spokesperson says seven people were found dead, and two others critically injured.

She says the Glynn County coroner is working to identify the victims.

Police say they're not looking for a suspect and there is no manhunt under way, but will not elaborate further.

The killing at the New Hope trailer park is the latest in a spate of mass killings in the United States.

In August, a Pennsylvania man walked into a gym and opened fire on a dance class, killing three women before turning the gun on himself.

Earlier, in April, a spate of mass shootings horrified Americans.

A man barricaded a civic centre in upstate New York, killing 13 people, most of them recent immigrants, before shooting himself.

Days later, a Washington state man shot and killed his five children, between the ages of seven and 16, then turned the gun on himself after his wife told him she was leaving him.

Later in April, a gunman shot dead his wife, daughter and two other people before killing himself in Greenhill, Alabama.