5 Sep 2009

Global warming trip ends in hot water

7:24 pm on 5 September 2009

A delegation of American politicians is in hot water after a $740,000 taxpayer-funded trip to Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and Hawaii.

The 10 members of Congress dived on the Great Barrier Reef, visited a Queensland rainforest, observed a penguin rookery at the South Pole, watched a New Year fireworks display in Christchurch and finished the trip on Hawaii's famous Waikiki Beach.

They flew on a specially-equipped US Air Force C-40 jet.

The 11-day mission was designed to study climate change, but the politicians are having to defend themselves after a Wall Street Journal article on the expedition triggered numerous stinging editorials and articles in other US media.

The politicians say the trip offered a wealth of valuable information about global warming.