9 Aug 2011

New app gives directions to Londinium

6:40 am on 9 August 2011

Locations of Roman ruins in London are now available on a free mobile application for the iPhone, iPad and Android created by the Museum of London.

it is to help history buffs find sites built between 43AD and the 5th century, when Rome abandoned the city as its empire collapsed.

The app also has up to 200 images of artifacts from the museum's collection, which can be shared on Twitter or Facebook.

''Streetmuseum Londinium'' works by overlaying a Roman-era map of the old City of London and Southwark onto a present-day Google map allowing navigation using GPS.

Users can find the underground location of such sites as the Temple of Mithras, an amphitheatre, forum and basilica central to Roman civic life, long since buried under modern structures.

Rubbing a spot on the map will reveal artifacts discovered at the site during archeological excavations.

Users can also navigate a route to see the remains of Cripplegate Fort, traverse the route of an old wall of the city and Borough High Street in Southwark.